Domestic Diva's Kreative Kreations
Alterations for Bridal, Prom, Special Occasion and Everyday Clothing! Plus Dressmaking Too!

Domestic Diva's Kreative Kreations

Alterations, Tailoring and Custom Fashion


Pricing for Alterations and Custom Sewing

Check below information for prices and price guides.

View the drop down menu above or specialty services such as formal/bridal wear, car show, tourists, Mackinac Island, boating and heavy duty.

Prices are a basic guide.  Final prices depend upon technique and fabric used, plus supplies.  Sometimes prices will be less than those listed. 

I am available for repair work for local St. Ignace and Mackinac Island hotels too.  Such as re-hemming sheets and draperies.

10% discounts for seniors, students, workers and government employees.  Discounts given for multiple items and/or multiple tasks on same items.  The more items brought in, the bigger the discount.


Custom Sewing for Clothing and Gifts

If you are desiring an item of a specific style, fabric and fit give me a call at 906 430 7478 for a clothing consultation.  I can make household gifts that will have special meaning only to the recipient.  There is no possible way to come up with a pricing system for custom projects, as such jobs differ so much.  For custom clothing, please contact for consultation and a price can be set that will benefit both parties.

While this option for clothing is cheaper is for someone who does their own sewing for personal clothes, it is not for someone hiring another person to sew clothes for them.  I would advise that you only consider this option for special events, dressing for a date/church or formal.  As such pricing would be close to off the rack from JCPenney's or Macy's.

Customer can bring their own fabric (new fabric or clothing they want re-styled).  Together, we can also work together to pick out fabric online.

Please read information below for information about pricing on basic alterations.

 Basic Services Rates
 Replace Button $4.00
 Patching and Mending  $5.00-10.00
 Add Trimmings
 $4.00 and up
 Hemming $5.00-35.00
 Seams (Repair)
 Seams (take in/let out)
 Add More Curve  $7.00-25.00
 Waistbands  $4.00-15.00
 Zipper (insert/replace) $10.00-60.00
 Purchase Zipper
 $2.50 and up
 Neckline $5.00-20.00
 Sleeves (hemming)
 Sleeves (reset at shoulder)
 When lining is involved with a project an extra $10 fee may  apply
 Rates for custom items made can not have a set price 





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