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Domestic Diva's Kreative Kreations

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Alterations for Mackinac Island Residents, Visitors and Workers

Domestic Diva's understands that it may be a hassle for island residents, visitors and workers to make a trip to St. Ignace just for alterations.  I am willing to work out something that is beneficial to both parties.  If the project that needs work does not need fittings call for a consultation on how to mark said item or measure yourself.  Item can be marked and sent over on the ferry, with a deposit.  Once finished with project I can send back on the boat or bring back in person, and possibly reimburse any extra portion of the deposit.  Should customer need fittings at my studio I also can send item(s) back on the ferry or bring back in person.  I will definitely return longer fancy dresses with many adornments in person.

Boutique owners can bring/send one item with a factory flaw and I will fix it for free.  All I ask in return is that if you are happy with my work please refer others to me.

Should you need repair on boating canvas or other large/heavy duty boating fabric I am able to meet customers at the marina with an all metal heavy duty sewing machine and I can finish the job onsite.












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