Domestic Diva's Kreative Kreations
Alterations for Bridal, Prom, Special Occasion and Everyday Clothing! Plus Dressmaking Too!

Domestic Diva's Kreative Kreations

Alterations, Tailoring and Custom Fashion



Making Appointments for Out of Town Vistitors

Always available for out of town visitors.  Should you need emergency alterations such as hemmings or button replacements.  Call that day while you are in St. Ignace or Mackinac Island and I will be able to get you in for a fitting.  Items will be available same day or next day.  An occasional $5 emergency fee will be added to the final cost for project.

Like what you see in the items availble for sale? If you prefer not to buy over the internet but will be visiting the area soon, you can make an appointment to view any handmade item in person during the time you will be in the area. Arrangements for custom made items can be made in advance. If supplies need ordering a deposit in the amount of the supplies is required.

Also able to custom make/custom fit clothing to have ready for your arrival to St. Ignace or Mackinac Island. A small deposit in the amount of supplies needed is required. A few examples would be, but not limited to, retro clothing for Car Show to match with your classic car or favorite era. Nautical themed clothing for the Chicago to Mackinac Yacht Races.

In the area for a wedding?  Alterations for formal wear can be done within 48 hours or less.  I am open until 11pm everyday.  Bring it in the morning, pick up in the late evening.

Planning on getting married on the island?  Would you like custom formal wear made locally?  How about Victorian or Edwardian period clothing for a themed wedding?  Call 906 430 7478 or email [email protected]




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