Domestic Diva's Kreative Kreations
Alterations for Bridal, Prom, Special Occasion and Everyday Clothing! Plus Dressmaking Too!

Domestic Diva's Kreative Kreations

Alterations, Tailoring and Custom Fashion


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do at Domestic Diva's Kreative Kreations?

Domestic Diva's Kreative Kreations is an all alterations and sewing type of business.  I do all alterations on all types of fabrics from lightweight to heavy duty.  Custom clothing items can be made upon request.  I have gift and clothing items available for sale also.

How can I contact you?

To contact me call 906 430 7478 or email [email protected]







What are your business hours?

Basic hours are from Noon to 11 pm Monday thru Saturday.  Hours are not set in stone.  So call anytime to make an appointment.




Do I need to make an appointment?

It is preferable.  Please always call before stopping by.  If it is an emergency I can try to get you in the same day.  Usually I can get you in within 24 to 48 hours after your call.




Where are you located?

I am located on Huron Street, between the US Coast Guard post and Cloverland Electric building in St. Ignace Michigan, at 1038 Huron Street.  Click the location and hours link here or at the top of the page.




Can I purchase pre-made items online?


How do I purchase items online?

Choose the corresponding "buy it now" Pay Pal button with the item you choose to purchase.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes.  It is done securely through Pay Pal.  I will have no access to your credit card information.  Pay Pal will also let you pay with credit card even if you don't have a Pay Pal account.

Do you take custom orders?


What type of custom orders can you do?

I can make any type of clothing you desire; from everyday to formal wear.  Most fabric related crafts and home decor.  I am also able to make custom beaded and crystal jewelry.  I will need to have a deposit to order supplies, either through online or in person.






Can you fix zippers?

I can replace zippers.  In some cases I may be able to replace the tab, only if all the teeth are still in working condition.  If the tab still moves on the track, but zipper tape is ripped from fabric, I can repair that.


Can you do repair work on leather and add patches?






Can you take in formal dresses at the sides and/or bust?

Yes.  I will remove stitching at the lining at the waist and take in the vertical seams on the outer fabric and lining, then trim seams; stitching the lining back up.  Making it look as though work was never done to the dress.



Can you let out formal dresses at the sides and/or bust?

Yes.  Depending on if there is enough seam allowance.  Many formal dresses are made to be let out out.  See above for the similar process.

Can you hem jeans?

Yes.  My preferred method is to trim for the new hem and copy the topstitching to the best I can with what is available to me.  If you prefer to have the original hem kept on without any top stitching you must specify that.  As this will add bulk to the final result and won't hang as nice.



Can you patch and mend jeans?  And other clothing too?

Yes.  I will use a machine stitch specified just for mending that will blend as close as possible with the fabric.



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