Domestic Diva's Kreative Kreations
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Domestic Diva's Kreative Kreations

Alterations, Tailoring and Custom Fashion




Rockabilly and Car Show Clothing

If you are a local and/or are planning to attend the St. Ignace Car Show, another car show and/or Rockabilly event I can help with your retro clothing.  My personal preference is Rockabilly but can work with other styles.  Projects can include, but not limited to; alterations on pre-bought clothing, making from pattern, restoring vintage clothing, re-fashioning modern clothing into retro style and making a custom outfit to match with the car you are showing or your dream car.  Custom outfits will be as period correct as possible.

Locals can call for an appointment for fittings/consultations.  Those away from the area can contact me for a consultation and let me know your measurements for the desired project.  906 430 7478 or [email protected] 




Enjoy some Car Themed Rockabilly Gospel!

To hear all 18 songs, click this link!


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