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Updating the Website Part IV

Posted by Kathy on March 21, 2013 at 2:35 PM

This is a continuation of the previous three posts Updating the Website Parts I, II & III.  Read all posts below to catch up.

Some of the things touched on in the previous posts was social networking, items for sale, Pay Pal and using my own personal experiences with online shopping.  Let's get more into how I utilized my own personal experience onto the website.

One of the main issues is when I land on another websites page is I like to be able to find the link to the home page if I like the content that I have viewed.  I am sure this is the case with many.  You will notice that with all but one or two of the pages there is a large pink and black banner at the top with the Domestic Diva's Kreative Kreations name.  Clicking on this banner will link viewers directly to the home page.  This is easier to see than looking for the home page at the top of the pages crowded with all the other page links. 

Another issue at hand is social networking.  I have added liking and sharing buttons for the major social networks that most people have accounts with, at the bottom of all the pages that allowed me to add them.  I have also added widgets to the right hand sidebar for the Facebook page and my Twitter profile updates.  Wesite viewers can catch up with what is going on through either of these pages/profiles.  They can even choose to follow me on those sites.  For the Twitter widget, you can even respond to my tweets directly from this site!  On some of the relevant sites I added a Pinterest widget at the bottom with previews of postings on my Pinterest account.  The postings there are a combination photos of my own work and photos other users have posted that inspire me. 

The update that is probably of the utmost importance is adding albums to the photos page.  With the combination being a fashion based business and working from home I need more than ever to show what I am able to do.  Not have a storefront hinders that somewhat.  Through the website I have the ability to show my work.  Most of the albums are before and after of alterations work and sewing projects that show the start to finish process.  I have not kept that page up on this site.  I have added a multitude of photos to the Facebook page.  I will be going through the photos of projects I posted there and gradually copy them onto this site. 

Another issue of significance is being able to let potential customers know what sewing projects I am available to do.  When you click on the links at the top of the page for certain types of sewing will give exact details of what I can do in those categories.  There are also links of importance to residents, visitors and workers on Mackinac Island.  I give details on how arrangements can be made for alterations between St. Ignace and the island.  Due to not having a storefront it is very important that I have a page for location and hours.  There is also a Google map on that page where you can view how to get here. 

In conclusion I hope to continue any updates that I feel are needed and will make the website as easily navigable as possible.  I welcome all questions and suggestions about the website.

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