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Updating the Website Part III

Posted by Kathy on March 21, 2013 at 1:45 PM

This is a continuation of the previous two posts Updating the Website Parts I & II Read both posts below to catch up.

There is an option for a designated online store for this website.  But with the subscription I have with the web server, I can only add 10 items at a time.  Actually the main reason I had opted to sell on Etsy was the ability to sell an unlimited amount of items on the site.  But each listing is charged a listing fee, plus in addition to the Pay Pal seller's fee, Etsy charges a percentage after the item is sold. 

I found a way that I could create an individual page to sell items, using the website.  I was able to create a page for certain categories.  Create two columns on each sale page.  Post a photo for each item, along with a description for said items.  Then I created individual Pay Pal buttons to go along with each item.  This does take a bit more work than listing on Etsy, or even on the designated online store for the website.  But in the end it is worth it.  I am given more personal control of how things are displayed.  I can leave the items on the site for however long I choose without being charged.  Plus, I only get charged a seller fee from Pay Pal. 

Besides items for sale, I also offer gift certificates for sale.  Gift certificates can be purchased for online purchases.  Simply have Pay Pal email the certificate to the recipient or print out the certificate to give to the recipient.  They can type in the code after they have selected their purchases.  Gift certificates can also be purchased for in person purchases.  Those certificates can also be purchased online or in person.  To purchase online choose the button that corresponds to the amount you would like to purchase.  I will send the certificate to you through the mail or email to be printed out. 

Speaking of Pay Pal; one of the updates to the site is adding Pay Pal buttons.  One of the frustrations I have when online shopping with an online shopping site I have never purchased from is trying to search to see if Pay Pal is one of the payment options.  I want customers to see that, yes, I do accept Pay Pal as one of the options.  For those new to using Pay Pal, they can click on the Pay Pal buttons that will direct them to the Pay Pal site giving them all the information about Pay Pal.  From there they can get a Pay Pal account.  Pay Pal is my preffered method of paying when I am shopping online.  I can use the funds directly from my Pay Pal account, debit card or bank account.  And whether the site is for a large corporation or a small business, the company will not be able to view any of my personal financial information, making it a safe and secure transaction. 

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